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Random Illustrations: A racing car on the street

Something that we see in England considerably more often than in the States: People driving around in vintage cars. And I don’t mean “vintage” as in 1968 Corvette or something, no offense intended. I mean as in 1929 Bugatti.

There are also people who drive around in racing cars – and even DIY cars – which I am often ignorant enough to mistake for a vintage roadster.

Unfortunately, I never managed to take a shot of any of those, on account of not having a camera with me. But now I do. So, here it is, a Tiger Racing specimen, parked on a street in Rochester.

Tiger R6

I’ll surely have an opportunity to get a shot of a true vintage car in the near future.

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  1. mattw

    That’s a nice little car. Do you think you could box that up and send it to Illinois? Just don’t tell my wife ’cause I’m sure she wouldn’t let me drive it. I’ll make space in the garage since winter’s coming and I wouldn’t be able to drive it for long.

  2. Kisintin

    Matt what would you do with right hand steering. 294 is the only place in Chicago you can drive fast enough for this little candy, and it’s in a state of eternal construction.

    Ilyuha, I am starting to take my camera with me now, for those random WOW-I-gotta-share-this-with-the-people moments.

  3. Ilya

    Matt, actually, if you google “Tiger R6” and click on the first link there, you’ll come across a guy who’s building – or maybe, already has built, I did not check – this baby for himself. As long as you can declare a shed in the backyard off-limits to your wife, you know…

  4. Ilya

    Kostyan, it will be cool to see what shots you’ll come up with. I’ve taken a few so far, although none of really “wow” type.

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