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A bit of quiz fun

I picked up a couple of fun quizzes at my brother’s.

It’s a bit misleading, actually. I inexplicably screwed up the villain from Men in Black, but I also blindly guessed Jack Nicholson’s character, and with only two female villains, I had a 50/50 chance of correctly guessing the first one and then a single choice for the second one. I also suggested Cyrus the Virus for an unfamiliar shot, before eventually realizing that I did know the character correctly. On balance, I should be only around 50%.

I named 50 US states in 10 minutes

Here, in all honesty, I cheated. I typed 48 states in about four minutes (and I am a slow typist – I’m sure the feat can be accomplished in under two minutes). Two were escaping me, but after a minute or so of racking my brains, I figured I had enough time to look them up. I think the duration would be better at 5 minutes.

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  1. Eric

    95% on the villains–the guy in the orange inmate jumper, I did not know. Which meant the other guy I didn’t know had to be the one I’d gotten wrong, if you know what I mean.

    I’ll try the states later. I just had to make sure I knew my baddies.

  2. Ilya

    Well done, Eric! I was pretty sure you’d be at the top end of the scale. I suspect only one other person among my online pen-pals has a pretty good shot at guessing 100%…

  3. Brian Greenberg

    As with you, I got almost all of them (49 in my case) in about two minutes. I then spent the next eight minutes trying to figure out what I was missing (well, to be fair, also dealing with other distractions), until the clock eventually ran out. I guess I could have looked it up, but that felt like cheating to me.

    Anyway, the bottom line: Curses to you, Wyoming!!!

  4. Eric

    On states, I blanked on four:


    I found myself wasting a lot of time with aphasia over Missouri: “The Truman state… the ‘show’ me state… I can picture it on the map… Truman was from there…,” which probably kept me from getting around to Mississippi.

    Oh well.

  5. Eric

    ACK! DAMMIT–sorry, wrong thread: I meant to post in quizzes. Sorry.

    ::hangs head, looks stupid::

    (The irony, of course, is hard to miss: “trained legal eye” my ass…. 🙂 )

  6. Ilya

    I’ve used my special powers to move your comments to the correct entry, Eric 🙂

    Kentucky, by the way, was one of my tripping points, too. Along with Tennessee. I got killed by my mathematically-associative approach to the task: I sort of know how many states there are for every letter of the alphabet. So, instead of trying to remember “what other states are there?”, I was doing more of “I know that there are 8 of them for M, but I’m still missing one…” Unfortunately, it turns out that I had a wrong number in my head for K and T.

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