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Pictures from Tuscany

After a relatively sizeable delay – apologies to all! – the pictures from the third and final leg of our grand summer trip have been added to the Picture Gallery (accessible either from the navigation bar or at the link here).


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  1. Cheryl

    Your family takes such lovely photos. You all look wonderful. I really appreciate seeing your photos and I especially love the ones inside shops or showing how the shops are. I love the one of your wife eating pizza. Makes me still miss the American style pizza’s! I will travel one day and these are just the places I’d like to see…along with the inside of Ice Hockey Rinks. Love the sport.


  2. mama

    Beautiful pictures! And all of them! I mean from all your 3 legs.
    The best are with the girls-for the six months the last I met them, they changed so much, and become so more
    big and pretty.
    With all my love.

  3. Ilya

    Because both Becky and Kimmy are avid skaters (although Becky is now “retired”), we see a lot of insides of skating rinks, Cheryl. And on a different tangent, I think that ice hockey is one of the funnest sports to watch in person.

  4. Cheryl

    I agree. We watched it on TV in the states and there is nothing like seeing a “live” game. The sport is fun and the fans are funnier. I am an avid people watcher.

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