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YouTube’d memories: You Promised Me

This is not, as it were, a memory.

I am a singing person. I sing when I walk, hum when I’m idle, and frequently burst into vocalization when I’m at home (oh yes, I always sing in the shower!). I know lyrics to thousands of songs – mostly Russian, but a fair share in English, and a few in French and Italian, – and my close friends know that I am the happiest when a guitar – or, alternatively, a karaoke – figures as part of a gathering.

My love of singing is likely the reason of a strange psychological phenomenon: I wake up every day with a song already stuck in my head. And often, in the middle of a day, as I turn away from a task that I was mentally focused on for some time, I find an arbitrary song “waiting” to get me stuck on. Occasionally, I can deduce a reason for that – and that likely means that I don’t mind being stuck with the song for a while. On other occurrences, I have no idea why a particular song pops into my head – and more often than not, I then have to draw on one of a couple of trusted “standbys” to chase the undesirable away.

Which brings me to this particular song. I don’t know any of its lyrics except the tu m’as promis refrain. I have no idea why it should appeal to me at all. But it is inexplicably the melody that randomly attaches itself to my subconscious considerably more often that others. Especially the too-roo-too-too-roo-roo-roo-roo-too part.

They say that admitting that you have a problem is the first step towards recovery…

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  1. Kisintin

    I can have three or more song stuck in my head at the same time. Sometimes I start with one, and finish with another in a span of two minutes.

    And I have an unstoppable urge to replace the lyrics with something of my own making.

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