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An Indian Summer weekend

Such a nice an Indian Summer this year in London! Who says that London weather is all fog and rain!?

We did not do anything extraordinary, but tried to make the good weather count. (Of course, I could not refrain from watching a couple of World Cup qualifiers at intervals).

On Saturday, Natasha and her dad went on a jaunt around London that, in theory, should have included all of the various modes of public transportation, with a fair amount of walking in between. Commuter train, Underground, bus, riverboat, DLR… Except that on weekends, “due to planned engineering works” many Underground and DLR lines are customarily suspended. They had to do with an extra helping of a double-decker bus instead of the DLR. On the other hand, they had a smashing time on the riverboat cruise from Westminster to Greenwich.

Meanwhile, Kimmy and I went to a playground in Falconwood that we recently discovered and had a couple of hours of fun by ourselves.

Becky was involved in an open day at her school, which was relatively the least fun activity among the family members. To make it up to her, we later went for sushi to a great place in Greenwich (Becky is the true sushi enthusiast in the family, and with no good take-out places in our neck of the woods, her opportunities for indulgence are quite limited).

On Sunday, Becky went to markets and shops with her friends, Natasha’s dad went to central London on his own, while the rest of us met up with our friends Anya, Ari and little Ben in the pleasant area of Marylebone, north of Oxford Street, for a few hours of park- and playground-related activities. Continuing with the Oriental food theme, we had lunch at a reasonable dim sum eatery. Kimmy, as is her custom, found very little to her liking there, so we had to promise her an ice-cream follow-up to cajole her into eating a bowl of soup and trying a couple of dumplings.

Mostly, we sat on a bench, watched Kimmy and Ben run on a playground, and enjoyed what could be the last good days of the year.

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  1. jason

    Sounds lovely… we got an early taste of winter here, with blustery cold winds and late-evening snow that made driving home from The Girlfriend’s parents’ house after Sunday dinner more of an adventure than one normally wants on a Sunday… 🙁

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