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YouTube’s memories: Under the Paris Skies

Many thanks, Michelle, for your postcard with a magnificent view of the Teton Range in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. As I never tire of repeating, sights like that help feeding my wanderlust.

I actually have been re-living some of our recent travels by converting travel diaries into proper Travelog entries. As I went to make small modifications to my Paris entry, I realized that a song popped into my head. I can’t claim any degree of originality here – Sous le Ciel de Paris is probably the most frequently used melody associated with Paris. But in that, it has a simple power over me: Paris, after all, is one of my most beloved places in the world, and anything that prompts me to think about it is welcome.

I prefer Yves Montand’s version to that of Edith Piaf. Unfortunately, the best instance of that found on YouTube happens to be set to shots of the Coco Chanel commercial. For views of the City of Lights, a good instrumental-only version is an alternative.

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