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Questions, anyone?

It occurred to me a while after writing the previous post that there may be topics of interest to my readers that do not cross my mind on their own. Therefore, here’s an open solicitation for all manner of questions that people may want to hear answers to on my blog. Feel free to leave your question in comments thread or send me an email. Thanks!

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  1. Jeri

    You may have blogged this before I started reading you, but what were the hardest cultural adjustments for you and your family when you moved to the UK?

    I’m assuming your children are in British schools – what are the advantages and disadvantages of American vs. British school systems?

    Have you mingled a great deal with your British colleagues and neighbors, or has your primary interaction been within the expat community? (When I was over there as a military wife, it was too easy to spend all our time on base, basically Little America – but we chose to live off base, shop local markets, and attend a British church.)

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