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Food for thought (quite literally)

You realize that you truly became a cosmopolitan individual when you sit in your house in London, and your lunch consists of gazpacho accompanied by garlic naan and then spaghetti ai pollo con funghi. With a glass of chardonnay.

Just saying.


  1. Cheryl

    Or when you realize September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate day and you have to explain it to Brits but they love it and spend the day in the office trying to out do each other:-)

  2. Ilya

    Cheryl, I actually have no idea what a “Talk Like a Pirate” day is (and I spent mine working remotely, so I could not observe my co-workers). I’d think that for a historic seafaring power, who I think even employed a famous pirate – Francis Drake? – as an admiral at some point, Brits would be predisposed to pretend to be pirates…

  3. Cheryl

    Just do a quick Google search for September 19th and it will give you all the info. It made the day go faster and being Friday, a little more fun. I was also told by the Brits I work with that every Friday is POETS Day which is supposed to stand for “piss off everyone, tomorrow is Saturday”. Can’t say I’d heard that one in the states before.

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