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YouTube’d memories: Susanna

Back to more obscure stuff for the American-born audience, here is a guy who enjoyed a cult status when I was growing up. Aside from being a pretty good crooner – and he could move, too, – Adriano Celentano starred in several French and Italian movies that were tremendously popular in Russia.

Susanna is not my favorite song by Celentano, but it does evoke the strongest memories of one of the summer camp trips in early 80’s. There was a boy in my “force” who resembled a well-known Russian comedian with the last name that perfectly rhymed with “Susanna” (Хазанов). From the very first day in camp, the poor kid not only acquired that for his nickname, but was also regularly serenaded with an appropriately adjusted version of the song.

I was at a prepubescent stage of my life where I already discovered that the opposite gender captivated my interest above anything else, and I have very pleasant memories of that summer. Hearing Susanna never fails to take me back.

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  1. Ilya

    Somehow I never managed to get around watching “Burnt by the Sun” before. I’ll talk about my impressions in my regular monthly movie round-up.

    I’m pretty sure that I watched “City Zero”, but I have very vague recollections of it.

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