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A social butterfly

I find the label funny, but I think the description matches how I perceive myself (which is not to say that my friends must perceive me the same way – but I hope they do, except that “fake” stuff).

Your result for The Social Proficiency Test…


You scored a total of 38 out of 43!

You know how to work your circle of friends and are always polite and intensely interested in what they have to say. You aren’t driven by personal gain but instead by a genuine interest in people. However, sometimes your overt friendliness can make you seem a little on the fake side, but that is VERY rare.

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Via Jason.

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  1. Brian Greenberg

    You scored a total of 31 out of 43!

    For the most part you blend into social gatherings easily. You are honest and generally polite. Every now and then you let something slip out that should be kept quiet but you tend to know how to recover and get back in the mix. You generally want to know about other people but often times care a little more about whats going on with you.

    Like you, I was with them until that last comment. I’m not sure that choosing not to feign interest in others is the same as prioritizing interest in yourself…

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