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Sorry, I’m typing up a memoir

When we go on holidays, we always keep a diary about our doings. It becomes the starting point for a scrap book about each trip, and I plan one day to convert all of them into hardbound coffee-table books. I also use the detailed accounts of our trips and meals in these diaries to keep up our modest family travel guide.

In the past, Natasha and I kept the diary together; at the end of every day, we would spend half an hour recording the important things that perspired in the last 24 hours; I’d dictate and Natasha would write. For the big summer trip, since I knew I would be absent from it for intervals, I delegated the entire diary-keeping task to my lovely wife.

The result – 128 pages of her beautiful handwriting, detailing practically every breath and every waking moment of the six weeks on the continent.

The problem is, I need to type it up in a text document – or, as I like to say, digitize it, – before I can reasonably start using the important bits for the Travelog. So, for a few days now, I have been spending my free time as a typist. And since I never learned to type with ten fingers, I’m only about two-thirds done…

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  1. Sharon

    I didn’t know where exactly put this, but your mentioning that you’re preparing to repatriate has forced my hand. Just wanted to drop a note to say that, while never having commented before, I’ve quite enjoyed (and learned from) your blog.

    My husband and I (both Americans) will, happily, be moving from Texas to London in Feb. 2009. Whilst hunting down any and all useful information I could find, I came first across your blog. I’ve have many other sources since, but, truthfully, yours is one that most naturally fits our circumstances. I visit regularly and have read every post, perused every photo. I’m inspired. Even your sense of humour and outlook is much like ours.

    I delight in reading it and have taken copious notes. I didn’t want the opportunity to escape me to tell you so. Sadly, we’ll be as two ship passing in the night, as it seems you’ll be returning to the US just as we are embarking on immigration.

    In a perfect world, I think we might have been friends. Anyway, best wishes to you and your family. And thank you for everything.

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