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It took me only seven years to miss registering the importance of today’s date when I woke up in the morning. The wounds must be healing. One day, I may even find myself on foot in downtown Manhattan again.

I still want to remember. Hoping, against most of the reason, that we never have to live through something like that again…

This essay by James Lileks, although written five years ago, is still more eloquent than anything I could say.

(both links via Glenn Reynolds)

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  1. Brian Greenberg

    Lileks, as always, knows his way around the English language like few of us ever will.

    I will, however, humbly submit my own: From 2002, when it was all still raw, and a year later, when it inspired song lyrics.

    This year, it inspired different lyrics.

    You’re right – it gets easier every year. I’m still waiting for the day when I don’t notice the date when I wake up in the morning. I’m not sure that’s possible if you’re in New York City every day.

    I also noticed the planes in the sky this morning. That used to happen every day, but now it’s only once a year. Progress…

  2. MAMA, again

    I still sometimes feel skared when I saw plane very low over Manhatten, especiaaly when I crossing 42th street before Port Athority to take my bus for NJ.
    I do not know why, but it happened very often-the plane clear over your head disscended or taken off.
    But I agree with you- the date become passed us by.
    I only remembered in the evening because it was a big commotion on our local drive 614 road: at first I thought it was a big accident, because of the dozen police cars with all lighting, then I understoodd that a lot of people were visiting our local memorial place because of 9/11 and the buses with visitors were parked along the road. The next day I have read your blog and a little bit cried when I listened music and watched all these tragical pictures. Very sad. But: why this (and other histories tragedies) did not teach world by anything?

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