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Weird feelings

It struck me suddenly: My life is actually a bit less exciting without the morning trip to drive Becky to school. She firmly refused any further chauffeur services from either of us, preferring to take public bus routes both to and from school. I can now get up a whole hour later in the morning, and do not have to get behind the wheel at all during the week. And I feel some strange discomfort because of that.

Natasha expressed her own discomfort for a different reason. For pretty much the first time in over two years, she has nothing to plan as far as travel is concerned. There are house chores, children’s activities, photo editing, etc, that she can occupy herself with, but no tickets, hotels, tours or sights to be researched, reviewed or acquired. She feels out of her element.


Two unrelated notes:

I received a cool postcard from Nathan in today’s mail, with a picturesque view from his recent long-weekend trip. Looks very peaceful, Nathan. Thanks!

The data from the external hard-drive has been safely recovered and transferred to the new and shiny replacement. The repair shop charged me an inspection fee, a recovery fee and a separate data-transfer fee, coming to £90 in total, but it was certainly a small price to pay. Although, upon further inspection, I had almost nothing of one-copy, irreplaceable value on that drive. But now I know that for a fact! 🙂