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Check your crime levels

London’s Metropolitan Police (taking after the NYPD, unless I’m seriously mistaken) is testing a website that would map certain types of crime for all areas of Greater London. The crimes accounted for so far are only robberies, burglaries and vehicle crimes, but it still could be useful for any prospective expat to ascertain crime levels in their target neighborhoods. Type in your exact post code to zoom in.

The data displayed is scarce and possibly not “live”, but according to it, we live in an “average” area, bordered by both “above” and “below average” slices.


  1. mattw

    I know when we moved into Elgin (a far suburb of Chicago) we contacted the police’s community liason to see what kinds of crimes were reported for the area we moved to. My wife was weary of moving there since there are parts of Elgin that are no good, but I told her it was ok. When the realtor drove us to the appartment we turned down the street to see two squad cars in front of another building, which didn’t help my case any.

  2. Ilya

    Seeing that in an otherwise sleepy neighborhood can be misleading, I guess, but in this day and age, it is all too necessary to be aware of this stuff ahead of any prospective move…

  3. Kisintin

    Matt, except very very expensive neighborhoods like Highland Park and Willmette (from what I know of the north and north-west suburbs) every burb has a bad area in it and a good area in it.

  4. mattw

    Kisintin, I know, it’s just that Elgin has areas that are worse than others, compared to some of the other towns in the immediate area. We’ve since moved, but we didn’t have any problems while we were there.

  5. Brian Greenberg

    While crime data in just about every neighborhood is publicly available data, I believe what you’re referring to in New York City was the crime system that Rudy Giuliani put in, and Mike Bloomberg has since expanded. They track particular types of crime by region and time or day, and then deploy officers to trouble spots at trouble times.

    It’s absolutely amazing how successful it’s been. New York went from something like 2,200 murders a year to something like 200 (or less?). And most of those were committed by people who knew each other in private homes. Unless you start posting cops in people’s living rooms, you ain’t gonna do much better than that…

  6. Ilya

    I do not know if the crime maps that NYPD used were available for viewing by the public, were they? This London site is definitely aimed at mapping the crimes for public use.

  7. Brian Greenberg

    Good point – I don’t think the NY maps were public. But the police blotters, etc. are public, so if you’re moving to New York, you can page through newspaper archives (or there must be a website, no?) to see what’s happened & where in the recent past…

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