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Gelato galore

One stat that I omitted in my previous post was the number of gelato flavors sampled by the family. The exact count, in fact, escapes me, and likely cannot be extracted from Natasha’s travel diary, since she must have omitted some of the less enthusiastically received flavors. But an intelligent estimation, including les glaces in France and helados in Spain, puts the number at around thirty.

Kimmy, Robert, Joshua and Becky sampling gelato near Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Here are a few:

Kimmy is not adventurous about her ice creams, always sticking to vanilla and chocolate. But cioccolato was probably the most disappointing flavor of all, and vaniglia was no more than ok. She liked fior di latte (cream) better, but at some point discovered stracciatella – fior di latte with chocolate bits – and it became the only flavor that she ever wanted.

I have very recently explained how I don’t particularly like sweets and therefore largely stay away from ice creams, but on a couple of occasions that the family roped me into trying a flavor, I stuck to stracciatella as well. It’s fantastic!

Becky kept to fruity flavors, such as her favorite banana, as well as pesca (peach), passiflora (passion fruit) or melone. She also tried limone and menta (mint), but was not much impressed by it.

Natasha was the most inquisitive, trying a different flavor almost daily. She was lukewarm about tiramisu or pannacotta flavors, liked caffè and noce (walnut) ones, enjoyed spania (wild cherry and raspberry) greatly, and was rather graphically ecstatic about fragola (strawberry), which Becky liked as well and which contains bits of strawberries inside, frutti di bosco (wild berries) and bacio (chocolate with hazelnut). Her hands down favorite was nocciola (hazelnut).

All of that sampling left us with a question: How come gelato tastes so much better than almost any other ice cream in the world?

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  1. Jeri

    Mmm… bacio. And I have no idea why it’s so good, but it is better than American ice cream because it’s so creamy, and I think because it’s a little less sweet to suit European tastes.

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