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Back from the grand adventure

All good things come to an end. Unfortunately, life is not fair that way. And our big summer holiday is now over.

It was grand by any measure.

Total distance driven: 5106 miles.

Countries whose license plates we encountered along the way: 29.

Airports used on my hops to get back to London or to rejoin my ladies: 6.

Snapshots taken: 1085 (an average of only 25 shots a day, which shows that [a] we are awfully selective in what we photograph and [b] there were many lazy days spent entirely by the pool or on the beach with not a single photo being shot; the quality control will leave less than 40% of that number remaining, I’m sure).

Bad weather days, out of 44: 2 (on account of the mistral on the Riviera).

Bottles of various local wines imbibed: … sorry, I lost count after the first few days.

Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze

England welcomed us back with – what did you think? – leaden skies and a drizzle. There is a certain dose of relief in being home after a long adventure (notwithstanding the fact that we now firmly view this home of ours as “temporary”), but it is greatly tempered by the realization that I have no more vacation days left for the year. And not a single planned trip in our future.

As yet…


  1. Vince

    And not a single planned trip in our future.

    Yeah, but what a great trip you just finished, and how lucky you are to live where visiting other countries is reasonably easy because you’re not an ocean away.

    Me? Envious?

    Well, maybe a little.

    Anyway, glad you had such a great time and glad you’re back.

  2. Ilya

    Thanks, Vince. As I have been saying on many occasions, the ease of travel was the deciding factor in our relocation to London. And even though we are now looking forward to repatriation, we readily admit that the opportunity that we afforded ourselves over the last couple of years has been fantastic.

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