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A dyeing failure

Becky has been pestering me for quite a while to dye my hair black – she thinks I’m way past looking distinguished with all of that gray, and now just look old. So I bought Just for Men dye and tried it last night.

Amateur that I am, I realized a couple of things only after concluding the process.

One, it is not a single-person exercise. I can’t see the sides well and I obviously can’t see the back at all, so it becomes a bit of a guesswork as to whether enough of the stuff has been lathered into those areas.

Two, the smart approach would be to do this in daylight. A small mirror is bad enough, but coupled with inadequate lighting, it makes the entire process too error-prone.

The results are underwhelming. I managed to get the top look reasonably black, but there is enough gray left on the sides to expose this a hack job. And I have no idea how I might look from the back.


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  1. Jeri

    Ilya – from this angle, it actually doesn’t look all that bad. There are plenty of folks whose hair has that much contrast naturally.

    It could be worse. It could look like a toupee. 😉

  2. Ilya

    My hair has been called a “toupee” only once, by a complete stranger, some street walker who indiscriminately accosted everyone in his path near the Church Street F train station that I daily used when I lived in Brooklyn. You can imagine how deep a scar it left if I still remember the details of the episode… 🙁

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