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No new pictures for the moment

I hate to disappoint people waiting for recent pictures from us, but they are unlikely to appear until some time in September. We, as a rule, post photos only after our resident Photoshop maestro, Natasha, had a chance to apply some improving touches to frequently already brilliant shots, and in her absence, I feel neither empowered nor qualified to muck around with all of those Curves, Shadows/Highlights, Channel Mixers and what-have-you’s…

Actually, the only pictures I could post would be the ones from our pre-holiday outing to the Windsor Castle (yes, a single unedited picture was included in that post, but that’s my limit for exposing our “raw” photographic material). I am not about to lug my laptop with me to France to transfer current holiday pictures from the flash card.

And as far as the Windsor pictures go, there are a few with me in it, looking… how do I put this nicely?… portlier than I want to appear in public. I simply do not have the wherewithal to make myself slimmer in Photoshop. As a result, everyone will have to wait for a while for new images from us.


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