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WordPress customization is quick

WordPress is tailor-made for customization once you have the layout of your page pinned down. Then, you only have to play around with your stylesheet parameters to get your site looking just as you want it.

It gets a bit more annoying if you decide to expropriate someone else’s theme as your new look and feel. Swapping stylesheet files has almost no chance of working, since class names are likely to be different; there are no established standards for those. And taking the entire theme from the library likely means that you’ll have to go through every single component to customize the layout to your tastes.

Still, it does not take much fiddling. A breeze, in other words. I got tired of my Travelog theme and replaced it with a new one today. I was not going for spectacular, nor even catchy, since the Travelog is primarily an archive, and I don’t care to have any bells or whistles there. The exercise of starting with a new theme and customizing it for simple “info look” took barely an hour. I consider it a credit to WordPress.

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