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Let the Games begin

The Olympic opening ceremony is about to start, and I realize that for the first time since I became actively aware of the wonderful medium of television I will not be watching Olympic Games that much.

It’s not because I’ve always felt it was an irresponsible acquiescence to award the Games to an oppressive regime. (I already vented about it once.) I still feel that way, but I also feel that boycotting the Games, whether from participation standpoint or watching standpoint, is downright pointless.

It’s not because I find watching delayed coverage less exciting than the live one. I do, but it did not keep me away from enjoying Games held in Seoul or Sydney or elsewhere not in my timezone. (And let’s keep aside any discussion about the past atrocious coverages of the various Games by NBC.)

It’s not because I am always a bit conflicted whether to root for the country of my birth or the country that I love. With both of them always among the strongest contenders for the overall athletic supremacy, – as reflected in the medal counts – the mixed feelings are always there, but I truly normally manage to resolve them – by rooting for both, when possible, of course.

It’s simply because Olympics is one sporting event that I always enjoy watching together with Natasha. And for the next two weeks, we are going to be either on our holiday (surely, not much of the TV time is budgeted as part of that) or apart while I stay on my own in London. Some might say that I have a perfect opportunity to veg out in front of the TV – and I will certainly attempt to try it over the weekend – but it’s just not the same for me to watch the Olympics in solitude.

The damn Games are making me feel more lonely!

[upd] I find it a bit spooky that my Olympic rant linked to above was posted on 07/07/07, while this one appeared on 08/08/08. I’m guessing I have to schedule some Olympic-related discussion for September 9th of the next year…