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Back to Costa Brava

Can you guess where I am?  Come on, you hardly need more than one try…  Yep, you got it!  I’m back on the beautiful Catalan coast of the Mediterranean.

It was a bit of an impulse decision.  As the prospect of a lonely weekend in London loomed, I figured that, despite my usual adversity towards air travel, a two-hour flight is worth every bit of time that I’d get to kick back with my girls and our friends.  Of course, at the last minute, I spent more on this round-trip than the cost of my entire six-leg original itinerary for the summer (even the discount airlines charge an arm and a leg when they can), but once I started thinking about the good times that I would have on Costa Brava, there was no way back.

And here I am.  Kimmy immediately demanded that we go for a swim in the pool before she has to go to bed, and I happily obliged.  She likes to be thrown into the waters quite a lot, and she has taken to shouting <em>Cowabanga!</em> in the process.   

This unexpected jaunt will cause additional disruption to the frequency of my blogging.  I should find some time for a post or two early next week.

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