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A Queen sighting

Our guests not only managed to visit several of the London sights that we thus far shunned; they also came by an audience with Her Majesty the Queen.

Ok, not really. But we ourselves only see the reigning monarch on TV, despite living just a dozen miles away from the Buckingham Palace. Our friends, who planned to visit the St Paul’s Cathedral on their last day in London, were turned away on account of some official ceremony; they decided to stick around to see who would show up for the occasion and were rewarded with the sight of Elizabeth II getting out of her royal carriage black limo in full royal dress and regalia. I do not have any pictures in my possession to illustrate, but the guys were pretty excited at having been around to see that.

We Americans have a weird fascination with the royals…


  1. Jeri

    Do you think that Americans are more fascinated with the royals than the British are? Or is it pretty similar?

    Do any of the royals get heckled or are they all revered?

  2. Ilya

    Jeri, I think Americans are more fascinated with royalty, having never had any. The Brits are normally proud of the monarchy, but accept it as a given.

    Poor Charles is universally laughed at for being a king-in-waiting all his life (his Mum is in pretty good health, and her Mum lived to 101, so there is more than a passing chance that Charles may not get to reign at all). Because of the universal love reserved to the late Diana, he also suffers.

    The young princes are neither revered, nor heckled. Harry, who served in Afghanistan and is heavily involved in charitable work, gets mostly positive press. William has a pretty low profile currently…

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