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Alas, not really a genius

In a moment of lull, I suddenly decided to take a test to see what my IQ is. You know, I always pegged myself as a type of a quiet genius, possessing formidable intellect, but too lackadaisical to put it to any entrepreneurial use or scientific pursuit. Yet, vain person that I am, I never before bothered to find out exactly how smart I was.

So, I take the online test and end up with the score of 133. That puts me in something like Top 3 percentile, but earns me only a designation of “gifted”, rather than “genius”. Bummer!



But, hey, I wouldn’t be calling myself a genius if I did not occasionally have ingenious ideas. Despite my obvious proficiency in English, it is not my first language. What if I take the test in Russian?, I say to myself, Surely, I’ll break 150 then!

So, I find a Russian-language online test. Which turns out to be somewhat more demanding, I must say. My score? Drum roll, por favor… ta-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-dum… 135. No, really!…

I was skeptical about the validity of these tests, to start with, but taking two different ones, at different websites, in different languages, and getting scores this close would be too much of a coincidence…

I’m going to have to accept that I fall short of the genius threshold. Still, not too shabby, if I humbly say so myself… [walks into the sunset, preening…]

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  1. Vince

    OK, I normally have a pretty big ego, but if you can do the test in English, Russian, and French, then I bow before you.

    I wonder if they have a hieroglyphic one. It’s been a few years since I studied it (along with hieratic and demotic), but I think I could come back up to speed fairly fast. It figures I like dead languages better than live ones, although I can handle some Spanish.

  2. Ilya

    My wanderlust manifested itself in learning the basics of a few European languages ahead of my visits. With French, eventually, I reached a point of pretty good reading ability and an excellent skill in conversation, as long as I keep that conversation to a monologue. Not so much when it gets to be a dialogue, though 🙁

  3. Art

    Thanks for the link, Ilya! Got 126 and a headache for the rest of the day. Admittedly, I had trouble fully translating/comprehending 2 questions though.

  4. Ilya

    Artyomchik, that’s why I figured that taking a test in Russian could be easier. But it wasn’t, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite.

    Brian, according to the comparison chart at the same site, if you break 145, you are officially a “genius”. Well done, sir!

  5. Kisintin

    I scored 134 🙂 Man, why does it always have to be a competition for me 🙂 Little Brother Complex? Uncle Freud would have a field day with me.

  6. mama

    Son, I did not think to comment on this entry, because I really did not have time to read. But your thoughts about my mind are absolutely correct!

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