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London City airport note

We are in between visitors, for a few days anyway. My mother-in-law departed back to Russia this morning. Her trip’s first leg took her to Frankfurt from the London City airport, which again impressed us in terms of check-in and controls experience. You can literally be at the gate within 10 minutes of entering the terminal.

It took us a bit over 20 minutes to drive to the airport at a non-rush time, highlighting again that we made a mistake to rely on the public transport the last time. If we could get onto DLR to the airport with no more than one change, it would probably still be worthwhile, but two transfers and over an hour of travel one-way via the trains make the expensive parking considerably more palatable.

City airport serves only British and European destinations, but anyone staying/living in the eastern part of London and flying to/from another European city should consider flying through it. Your sanity is important, you know.