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How Kimmy recognized a place she’s never been to

I was looking through our Antwerp/Ghent pictures today for purposes of using one or two in the Travelog, with Kimmy looking over my shoulder.

Suddenly, she says: “Daddy, remember when we were in Mini-Europe, there was this square with a fountain that did not have a pool around it?”

At that particular moment, we were looking at the picture of Antwerp’s magnificent Grote Markt.

Grote Markt, Antwerp

The remarkable Brabo fountain on this square indeed does not sit in a basin; water is allowed to seep through the cobblestones into the underground reservoir.

A light bulb goes off in my head, I look through our Tulips album (we stopped on the way back in Brussels for a quick tour of Mini-Europe, if you recall) and find this picture.

Grote Markt, Antwerp, at Mini-Europe

When I took it, I did not register the fact that the fountain was blocked from the view, but it is certainly the same Grote Markt, in its downsized form.

I was speechless for a while. Considering that a) Kimmy has never been to Antwerp and b) our visit to Mini-Europe lasted all of 45 minutes, during which time we saw over 50 models of towns and sights, I find it pretty amazing that an 8-year-old child recalled seeing a model of something upon encountering the photo of the real thing.

Let’s put it this way: I had no recollection of the little fountain whatsoever, even though I knew that Antwerp was represented at Mini-Europe and that we even took a picture of it there.


There is also some deep thought in here on the value of travel photography, but it escapes me at the moment in my awe-stricken state.


  1. mama

    Wow again! What the clever girl she is! Amazing!
    I do not think in all our big family tree we have anybody with so remarkable talent! May be her grandfather – aka deda Yasha – but mostly for other things. May be she is a future CIA agent or something more?
    I love you little bird very much!

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