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Happy Birthday Kimmy!

Kimmy’s heart all but melted, as we woke her up early in the morning with a chorus of “Happy Birthday to You”, accompanied by a cake with requisite candle-blowing, followed by the exciting procedure of opening presents. Just as she requested last night, before going to bed.

Happy birthday, Кузька!

Kimmy at the Generalife Gardens, Granada

My two kids have reached a combined age of 21 today, by the way, which is worth commemorating with a session of legal imbibing…

For their parents, of course. What did you think!?

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  1. Kisintin

    Кимка, Мы все тебя поздравляем с Днем Рождения! Расти большая и весёлая. Костя, Лена, Майя!

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