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A visit from a cousin and friends

I have two cousins named Alex, one on each side of the family tree. If you recall, we saw one of them in Ireland not long ago. And, yesterday, half-unexpectedly, we got to see the other one.

Alex is actually closer in age to Becky than he is to me, and is in college. He and a few friends of his are spending a month in Europe – something that was never in the cards for me to attempt. What they are doing is not precisely “backpacking”, on the strength of the number of bags that they are lugging around, but an approximation of the idea nonetheless.

It was their day in London yesterday. The weather did its very best to properly reinforce any stereotype Americans may have about England, but they still had a chance to do some sightseeing. Then, after work, I met them at London Bridge and took them to our house, where we did a few hours of idle chatting over food.

I haven’t been in a company of barely-twentysomethings in ages, and it made me feel somewhat ancient; Kimmy and Becky found common footing with our guests very quickly. Alex and his friends are all bright, well-mannered and altogether nice kids, and we had a pretty good time.

They are off to Brussels today, then on to Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, etc. Despite our own travel escapades, a healthy doze of envy here…

Our week, though, shapes up to be pretty eventful. In addition to the last night, we have a dinner tomorrow with a company of friends to jointly celebrate my birthday and that of our friend’s Anna. And then, Natasha’s Mom is coming for a visit.

In case anybody wondered, my little congratulatory movie was apparently enthusiastically received by its intended audience. Just thought I should brag a bit about my creative successes.