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Back from Costa del Sol

Southernmost part of continental Europe turned out to be not warm enough for a dip in the Mediterranean Sea at the end of May. That was the only negative about our week on the Costa del Sol. The weather was sunny, the resort that we stayed at provided all possible amenities for a lazy holiday, and we had a tremendously good time.


Flamenco Fair at Cordoba's Festival Grounds


We spent two active days exploring Cordoba and Granada, went to a large market in Marbella, and also took a trip to Ronda, ostensibly for dinner, but with a good hour of walking around thrown in. The trips, while somewhat taxing (about 120 miles one way to each of Cordoba and Granada), satisfied my wanderlust to the point of making the rest of doing-nothingness bearable. And doing nothing was what my ladies indulged in otherwise, lounging by the pool with a book (Natasha) or holding court at the impromptu “Jacuzzi Club” (Becky). Kimmy was constantly in the water, moving from a quite cold main pool to the heated family indoors pool to one of the warm jacuzzi.

We also took walks on the beach, watched a flamenco show, enjoyed good food, etc, etc, etc. Pictures and Travelog entries are forthcoming as always.

The return leg of the trip coincided with me getting a year older, so I’d like to say thank you to all who called, wrote or sent a card. I sincerely appreciate it.

Becky presented me with a “Control a Kid” remote. The instructions say 1) point the remote at a kid, 2) press a desired button, 3) hope for the best. Among the buttons are directives to tidy the room, do homework, stop screaming, and so on. To my chagrin, the device does not seem to be working on my particular brand of children…


  1. jason

    Hey, happy birthday, Ilya! Sorry about that defective kid remote, but on the positive side, your daughter is lovely in her flamenco outfit…

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