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Off to Marbella

I don’t particularly like “lazy” holidays. You know, the kind of vacation where all you do is lie on a beach or by the pool and limit your intellectual stimulation to reading a mass-market paperback yarn that caught your eye at the airport bookshop. Yes, I am all for a swim in azure waters, but I much prefer spending my holidays exploring new fascinating places, admiring architecture and works of art, observing the everyday life of the locals – you get the picture…

While Natasha largely shares my preferences, she is a lot less averse to the approach of occasionally doing absolutely nothing while on a holiday. Once in a while, I happen to agree that we are overdue for a lazy trip.

It should be noted that the last such “once” was three and a half years ago when we went to Riviera Maya with our friends Natasha and Art. Since then, we went on two skiing trips (which cannot be considered “lazy” on account of, well, skiing, even though they do not normally involve active exploration), rented a villa in Tuscany as a base for day-trips (we did make it semi-lazy by spending a couple of days on the villa itself), and covered vast swathes of Western Europe with sightseeing focus, but we have not given ourselves an opportunity to kick back and do nothing for a week.

Hence, our upcoming holidays on Costa del Sol. Hopefully, the Mediterranean Sea will be warm enough for an occasional dip; otherwise, we’ll avail ourselves of the pool. Me being me, we plan to make day trips to Cordoba and Granada (and, possibly, to other nearby attractions if the weather decides to be difficult), but most of the time, we expect to do precisely nothing.

I’ll let you know how well that turns out.

I leave you with one of Becky’s favorites, a fun clip called Evolution of Dance that we first came across via my aforementioned friend Art several years ago.


Hasta luego!


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