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YouTube’d memories: You’re a Woman

Maybe not as popular as Modern Talking, German-based multinational pop trio Bad Boys Blue was a staple of our DJ playlists in mid-80s.

The two contemporary outfits are curiously forever linked in my mind. My very first own cassette tape was meant to contain The First Album by MT in its entirety, but instead had only two songs from that album, followed by the songs from BBB’s Hot Girls – Bad Boys album. Even though the sound of the two groups was noticeably different, I at first fully believed that I had, in fact, the entire first album by MT, no matter how much my best friend – who had, unlike me, a well-trained ear for music – tried to convince me otherwise.

It wasn’t long before we caught on to BBB on its own merits. The lip accordion riffs were quite an obvious signature.


Wikipedia tells me that they are still recording…


  1. Art

    Can’t wait for you guys to join us, launch one of these (I personally prefer CC Catch, but anything of this type will suffice) and have some good old-fashined fun!

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