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Working on alternative careers

The last couple of weeks both Natasha and I have been heavily occupied with our Home PC-related careers.

Natasha’s is all about travel. Having successfully seen through my parents’ visit to Paris and London, she had to turn her attention to the upcoming visits of other relatives. Let’s just say that none of our relations is very proficient at using the internet for anything other than its information medium capabilities. They know it, too, as well as the fact that my lovely spouse happens to be very well-versed in personal electronic commerce. Many a conversation go along the lines of “Natasha, dear, I’ll give you my credit card [and you do everything else]…” Natasha is more than happy to do that, by the way.

In addition, there are some components of our upcoming big summer voyage that need to be addressed, and we keep occasionally coming up with prospective future trips, so her time is spent at dozens of travel-centered websites, looking for deals, ideas and possibilities.

Somewhere in all of this is the notion of a business plan for a future small commercial enterprise…

In the meantime, I have been asked to produce a video for the upcoming jubilee of my favorite high school teacher. Despite the fact that her subject, History, was taught in mid-80’s rather differently from what we know today, she remains universally popular with her former students and I, for one, has kept in touch with her all these years. For her 75th birthday this year, a big celebration is being organized, and my newly reacquainted – via – former classmates figured that they can surprise her with my cinematic presence. I was happy to oblige and quickly put together a short musically- and poetically-enhanced video clip, using a graduation picture and a fresh footage of me with congratulatory speech.

I haven’t done even simple video-editing for about three years, and I must say that having a project of this kind was pretty exciting. The end result was good enough for its purposes, but it is the ability to flex my quiescent creative muscle that was the main benefit.

I also spent considerable time updating my children’s mp3 playlists at their request. I don’t remember the last time that I had to listen to so much music that I would not be caught dead listening to by my own design. Kids these days got some weird musical tastes, I tell you!

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  1. kisintin

    I don’t remember the last time that I had to listen to so much music that I would not be caught dead listening to by my own design.

    Yes, indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can i see the video? I need a good laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ilya

    My light-hearted delivery may have confused you, brother. The video is serious and sentimentally sober as befits the occasion. The only laugh you may get is from the headshot of me as a 15-year-old, but that is actually one of the better ones.

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