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YouTube’d memories: Brother Louie

I’ve already offered a glimpse of Modern Talking in the retrospection of my musical affinities (and also posted this clip in other people’s blogs). But it is high time that I paid my respects to the German duo directly.

For some period of time in high school, I was a DJ. Not because I was any good at it or because I had an exceptional taste in music, but rather because I had this intense dislike of the activity of dancing, while at the same time being a fairly popular and sociable kid. So, in hindsight, my DJ’ing was akin to being a “designated driver”: Somebody had to change the tape decks and direct the discotheque crowd without feeling left out of the actual dancing, and I fit perfectly for that role.

Nothing reminds me of that period of my life as much as the sugary beat of Bohlen and Anders.


P.S. I don’t really get the Once Upon a Time in America linkage…