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Back from Holland

Simply going to the Keukenhof gardens for a few hours – which was the main point of our latest expedition – was worth the trip. There are literally thousands of varieties of tulips on display there, not counting the other flower species, of which there are plenty as well. Natasha was absolutely enchanted and the girls liked it too, but even the man of the family had to admit that the flowers were utterly beautiful.

What the garden does not provide is the perspective of an open tulip field. However, the approach to Keukenhof allows for a glimpse of that as well. The sight of stripes of differently colored tulips running the length of the field is altogether fantastic. At some point in our lives when we are able to travel without the children again, we will take a biking tour through the tulip country. Some day…

But tulip-viewing was not the only activity on this 48-hour trip. We also explored Delft by bicycle and foot; pedaled along the canals of Utrecht on a waterbike; and made a detour to Brussels on our way back for an all too quick visit to Mini-Europe. Detailed notes, as usual, will be posted in the Travelog within a few days, but for now I’ll just leave you with a picture of a beautiful girl beside beautiful flowers.


Keukenhof Gardens, Holland



  1. Corina

    Typical that I run into pictures of flowers and such on a gloomy, rainy and cold day although it’s spring for a while. Joking a bit of course, not about weather here tho, it’s very nice picture and it’s nice to see some colours at least on pictures when world outside the window looks grayish.

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