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Walking in the park and sleeping like a baby

The weather was not too bad in the morning, so we got together with a family of fellow Russian-American expatriates for a stroll around the Greenwich park. Becky climbed to the very top of an ancient pine tree, the younger kids rode scooters and ran around, the adults spent time acquainting with the new friends, even sat down on a bench for a while to bask in the warm spring sun.

This being England, of course, the weather quickly turned sour, and soon we had to seek refuge from a torrential rain under the branches of the same tree. The rain lasted all of fifteen minutes, the sun came out shining again… I’ve described the phenomenon ad nauseam before.

Our friends could not stay for long, so after they left, we went to Greenwich for a tapas lunch and spent some time browsing the market. When we returned home in the early afternoon, the girls decided to watch a movie, while I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes… and opened them three and a half hours later.

I can’t remember the last time I took an afternoon nap, honestly. And I did not feel that tired, really. Must be old age. In which I am sleeping like a baby!


The Wales pictures are finally here.

Also, did you see the two babes that I posted the other day?

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