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Same old topics: Driving and weather

The downside of having spring break holidays de-synchronized this year is that, while Becky went back to studies immediately upon returning from the American trip, Kimmy is now spending almost two weeks at home, with little to do and with Natasha having to come up with entertainment activities.

The upside? The morning drives to Becky’s school are so fluid, I am actually enjoying them, in I’d-rather-be-sleeping-but-since-I’m-not-this-is-the-next-best-thing kind of way.

Such is life in London so that when state schools go on holidays, the amount of cars on the road gets cut by more than half. I drove right up and through our neighboring roundabout at 7:20 this morning. On a normal day, I’d queue up half a mile from it, and end up crossing it at 7:27 at best.

After the weekend snow and a couple of really cold and horrid days, the last two days have been really pleasant and sunny, and Natasha and Kimmy actually spent a lot of time playing outside today. If the weekend is as nice, we might try for some as-yet unvisited destination…