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No longer lonely

The family is safely back with me, and the usual routine of getting up earlier to drive Becky to school has kicked in already. Kimmy is fortunate enough to have a two-week school break still ahead of her, which means that Natasha will be quite occupied with keeping her busy.

Here’s a re-cap of my time on my own:

  • Books read: Almost an entire one (yes, I am going through The Subtle Knife much quicker).
  • Movies watched: Zero (nothing that tickled my fancy in cinemas shown at a convenient time; as far as recorded movies, they were preempted by the following).
  • Episodes of The Sopranos watched: Eleven (I caught up a bit on archived recordings, but still have nine to go until the finale – as a matter of explanation, we used to watch the show live through the end of the 4th season, after which Natasha grew disinterested with it).
  • Museums visited: two.
  • PC-based chores invented and completed: Around a dozen.
  • Hours spent online: Uncounted, way above the usual norm.
  • Hours spent outside: One glorious day, but not much beyond that.
  • Pizzas and delivery meals consumed: Five, some lasting for more than one sitting.

Sad, ain’t it?

I had a surprisingly easy time going to/from Heathrow via Central London, but when I arrived at the Terminal 3, it was a zoo in there. Several flights apparently arrived at the same time, and hundreds of people were maneuvering their baggage trolleys along the passage between the terminal and the parking lot… As luck would have it – in a positive sense, for once! – my girls’ flight got in about twenty minutes later than scheduled, and by that time, almost all of the previous arrivals dispersed. Which made for a fairly easy trip through passport control, customs, etc., and a quicker than normal departure from the airport on our way home.

Only a week and a half until the next weekend trip…