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Little safari in the back garden

As I was sitting in my study watching the snow melt away – I’m guessing it is marginally more exciting that the same exercise involving paint and drying up – I saw this strange bird in the back garden. My inner naturalist made me record the visit for posterity.

It should be noted that about a year ago, when our friends Ira and Rafa were visiting us in London, we were having a mild dispute over what kind of bird was making these particular sounds. The popular version then was peacock. I doubt that this visitor belongs to that particular species, but I have no clue what kind of bird it is even now. Any ideas?



Before you ask – yes, I am really bored…

[update 7th April, 3:30pm] I have received an authoritative verdict that the bird is indeed of peafowl species, and that it is its distinctive cry…

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