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Riding lessons

Besides giving everybody a chance to see my girls enjoy an exotic – for us – pursuit, I also aimed at illustrating the quick-changing weather with this clip. Alas, the compressed diminished quality of the video made that less discernible. Just smile at the sight of the girls ahorse, then…


P.S. I know I should not be, but I am slightly disappointed with my first attempt at posting a video on YouTube. A half-gig DVD-quality .AVI file took ages to upload, but I specifically went with that because I expected YouTube’s internal compression to degrade quality. Yet, it turned out worse than I expected. I should try something like mpeg4 next time to see how it compares… Also, YouTube required me to come up with “tags”, and then suggested some stupid “related” videos based on that. I guess, the Volga Boatmen Song is always perfectly related 😉