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Twirl this hoop

3G Massage HoopThe athletic fever amongst the parents in our family has shifted. While the girls continue their pursuits in skating, swimming and trampolining, I have all but stopped going to the gym. Sad, but true.

Natasha, in the meantime, has picked up a new type of exercise to keep in shape. It is called the 3G Massage Hoop and, as you should be able to see in the picture, it is a large hula hoop with 64 “accu-pressure probes” positioned along its circumference on the inside. As you twirl the hoop, your midsection supposedly gets additional benefits from the massaging lumps of plastic.

At first, they also gave Natasha bruises all over her waist; of the kind that would lend an airtight credibility to any claim of suffering abuse. In a few days, the bruising subsided, and the absence of fresh marks is a testament to at least some effect of this hoop.

Natasha does twirl it for lengthy periods of time every day. The actual slimming effects remain to be discerned.

Not that she truly needed it, of course!