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Sleepovers and food markets

A quick check of my posts for the last few months reveals that the chronicles of our daily doings have been lately limited to weekend happenstance. I can’t say that I am surprised by that. Sitting here thinking about things to write about, I am quite perplexed to pick something that does not qualify as “mundane”. It’s work, school, house chores, repeat Monday through Friday, for the four of us.

During weekends, though, we still manage to have some fun, even when we are not traveling to destinations old and new.

Becky’s fun this time around was in having a couple of her school friends for a sleepover in our house, which meant that a) I spent quite a lot of time holed up in the study and b) that did not insulate me from the noise and general commotion that teenage girls cause. Even though for most of the time, the posse was holed up in the smaller reception room supposedly watching movies on DVDs, – they even draped the glass door with a blanket to increase their privacy – there were regular shrieks, loud exclamations and boisterous laughter coming from that direction until 2am at night. Furthermore, since one of the girls was staying over for most of Saturday, her and Becky decided in the morning to not even change out of their pajamas, and carried on with the same activity, oblivious to things around them.

The rest of the family decided to go out for a while, especially since our friends Anya and Ari have invited us to join them to browse through the Borough Market, a famous emporium of all things food. The market is located by the London Bridge, which is on the direct commuter train line from our station. Despite its comparatively easy reach, we have not visited it before, and we were certainly curious.

We were not disappointed. Browsing this market is a lot of fun. You can find all types of produce, delicacies, breads, specialty foods, spices, sweets, etc. for sale here. There are stalls that offer wide selections of regional products and stalls with just a single specialty. You want coffee? There is a gourmet corner that sells several varieties of Latin American beans. Beer? Go to the liquor stall that boasts three hundred labels. Sausages? Cheeses? Confectionery?… The choices are aplenty.

Many stalls offer samples of their wares for tasting, especially the cheese and meat ones. An enterprising market-goer can easily have a meal that way. In addition, a number of stands sell food for consumption on the spot, from oysters to burgers to bratwurst to knishes to cakes. There are also many bars, cafés and restaurants all around the market, so you can have a sit-down meal if you prefer (which is what we did).

Our friends bought a lot of stuff, we bought some as well. I can’t say that I usually enjoy human press, but this type of outing was rather enjoyable.