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Immensely proud of Becky

Natasha went to the parent/teacher conference at Becky’s school last night. In a manner deserving of the expensive private institution, the conference was smoothly organized as a series of face-to-face meetings with every teacher that Becky has classes with. There are seventeen of them for Becky’s form, so the process was a bit like speed-dating in that the teachers were seated at “stations” and parents, accompanied by the pupils themselves, rotated from station to station. Quite impressive, Natasha noted.

Even more impressive was the universally exuberant praise for our elder daughter by the teachers.

All language teachers gave her effusive panegyrics: She is easily top of her class in Mandarin and Spanish, and is doing quite well in French (even though, she claims that she does not like the latter). A common thread of a possible career that has to do with languages was mooted several times.

The English teacher lauded the way Becky forms and expresses her thoughts in class, noting, however, that she tends to “dumb down” her style when writing essays. Hey, it would be too much even for this proud father if she had nothing to work on in terms of improving!

The RE teacher gushed about her mature and well thought-out opinions on every topic that the class discusses. “She has a philosophical mind”, the teacher said. This is Religious Education, admittedly the least favorite subject of our pupil’s, and the least consequential from her parents perspective, but the inference is clearly positive.

The Phys Ed teacher extolled Becky’s enthusiastic participation in various sports and the example she sets for other girls.

The Art and Design Technology teachers complimented her attention to detail on projects that she gets excited about, but noted that she finds it hard to sustain the same level of effort when her feelings about the work at hand are lukewarm.

All others invariably said that she was bright, talented and effortlessly ahead of the curve, while lamenting the already public notion that she is unlikely to return for the next full year.

The Drama teacher, who is also the form tutor (aka классный руководитель), provided the strongest bit of criticism. Becky is strong-willed, confident in her opinions and judgments, and that often leads to her taking over the discussion and taking charge at the expense of less assertive girls.

I actually do not see that as a handicap of any sort, but I wonder who she gets that from?

Yep, that’s my girl! B)


  1. mama

    The best article for a long time!
    I am happy, proud and I never doubted that she had all these qualities and many-many others that her teachers do not even have any clues of!
    Thank you very much for such joyful piece.

  2. kisintin

    …but noted that she finds it hard to sustain the same level of effort when her feelings about the work at hand are lukewarm…

    Can I take credit for that, as an uncle?

  3. Becky

    Yes everyone, I know I’m very smart and wonderful! My teachers have just re-stated that obvious fact!

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