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Pictures from Irish trip

Much more expediently than with Swiss pictures, a new album from our recent trip to Dublin and environs can be found here.

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  1. Ilya

    The colors are really vivid in Ireland. Our camera isn’t bad either. There is also Natasha’s wizardry with Photoshop…

  2. jason

    Your photo of The Temple Bar reminds me of an amusing story… there is a Irish-pub-style bar here in Salt Lake that was opened by a young couple after they honeymooned in Ireland. They wanted to call it The Temple Bar in honor of the one in Dublin, which they loved, but they ran afoul of the puritans in our local city council who automatically assumed that the word “temple” simply MUST be a reference to the Mormon Temple, and that naming a bar after said structure would be disrespectful, if not blasphemous. The bar owners were denied a permit and couldn’t open; they came within a whisker of losing their business and their life savings until they finally relented. The bar opened under a different name.

    Just one more tale of life here in the cultural battleground of Utah.

    A nice batch of photos, by the way. 🙂

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