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Before weekend

Becky is away on a sleepover to a classmate, and there are three 7-year-olds running like crazy and shouting in one of our downstairs salons. It appears that my erstwhile protestations to the contrary notwithstanding (last surfacing here), at least the kids are well set as far as establishing themselves socially.

It also appears that the weekend is upon us. It could not have come any sooner, as I feel I am behind on my weekly sleep quota by at least 10 hours. Which means that tomorrow morning, my eyes are going to pop open at around 7:45, and any further attempts to catch up on my sleep will prove utterly futile…

The week was remarkable only in that I went out with co-workers for drinks after having endured a couple of months of a lull in such activities. It was just three guys drinking Erdinger in a quiet corner of a surprisingly less than boisterous and deafening pub… until their girlfriends showed up, making me the odd man out. The girls thought me sufficiently odd altogether to be fascinating, and we bantered on a variety of topics both fleeting and profound…

Becky rediscovered some of her love for figure skating and resumed light training. With choir, individual singing, drama, piano and trampoline, she is setting new records of extracurricular activities.

Kimmy continued her conquest of the pool. In the end, a new solution presented itself in the form of a different teacher holding an advanced class for kids just a bit older than her at around the same time as the original class. Kimmy was all the more excited for a new challenge. We’ll see how it goes.

Natasha cut her hair and startled me at first, as I do not recall her ever wearing this Jennifer-Aniston-in-Friends style. Here’s the picture. What do you think?