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Who’s your candidate

Big props to my brother and his wife for finding this fun candidate match game.

Because it asks multiple-choice questions, it feels lees simplistic than the test I wrote about in the past. Even though it limits the criteria to just six issues plus the ever important question of experience.

The funnest part is playing with weighting sliders at the end of the game. Adjusting them just so, you might be able to nudge your otherwise preferred candidate into the pole matching position.

With all of the sliders at the middle settings, Hillary ended up head and shoulders above the rest. But then I moved same-sex marriage slider all the way to zero (I honestly do not give a hoot about this so-called issue), and she dropped off my top three, never to return… In the end, I got Dodd, Biden and McCain, in that order. The first two, of course, are no longer in the race. Which leaves me, surprisingly, with the person that I respect the most in this election, whom I would certainly vote for, and who would give me a reasonable escape from my conundrum of considering myself conservative, yet agreeing with liberals on the issues that I find important. I was feeling like I was a closet liberal there for a while…