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For the next two and an half months, the family is again all under one roof. Becky is back. Which means – how many times have you heard me say this, already? – it’s time to resume our morning school runs…

Becky positively loved her skiing trip. And what’s not to love? Just like at going-away camps of our youth, there were tons of fun activities, new friends – in the form of both girls from other classes in her school and boys from some school in Ireland – to make, and the general atmosphere and camaraderie that is only possible under less-than-strict supervision.

The girls skied for several hours each day, after which it was time for things like discotheques, indoor water parks, movies and such. Becky even played in a football game with some girls and boys; she boasts that she rocks as a goalie. The game was not broadcast in England – I cannot confirm…

She received a few awards from the chaperoning teachers and skiing instructors, such as “The Snow Patrol” (for being the most helpful to those who kept falling on the slopes; mind you, she admittedly was not the best skier around) and “The Best Big Kid” (big goes to her being in the senior year among the girls on the trip). She also made quite a number of new friends, by her own count. A couple of them are girls from younger grades – I guess life as a big sister makes one more approachable for and more interested in smaller kids. None of her new friends were boys. She did not have anything really nice to say about the Irish boys, except remark about their funny speech. In that, they certainly reciprocated: She says she was known to them as “the American girl”.

She had great time and would definitely be interested in more experiences of the kind.

Kimmy, meanwhile, already started school and came home with the following award for the prior semester:
Kimmy's Award
There are only 5 disciplines on which the third-years are explicitly graded. Having a straight-A student in the family has always been a bragging matter with parents, has it not?

She also started swimming lessons at a nearby swimming pool, which Natasha tells me is a very modern and convenient facility. Kimmy was placed into an intermediate skill group, where she is easily the strongest swimmer. Natasha immediately pointed that out to the instructor and was assured that a skill re-evaluation is coming up literally after one more lesson.

We are reviewing our remaining travel plans, visiting dignitaries’ schedule, and so on. Looks like there’s only one thing planned until mid-March, and then we’ll manage to stay busy through the summer…