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Becky’s turn to travel

Becky now left on a skiing trip with her school, leaving the family with an incomplete roster again. This is her very first experience of traveling with neither parents nor grandparents, and I have no doubt that she is going to have a blast. As far as I know, at least three of her closest friends are also on this trip, so there is little chance of her being alone and bored.

The school group contains pupils from Years 5 through 8, so Becky and her friends are actually the “seniors”. There is one adult per eight children, with six teachers chaperoning the girls in total. The trip is apparently very well planned and organized; the school has several such foreign trips every year, some educational, others purely recreational.

Part of the trip organization is the calling tree, which minimizes the number of phone calls that anyone needs to make to inform others of any news regarding the trip. The tree is more or less binary, with every non-leaf parent having to propagate the news to only two other families.

Natasha is well aware of the tree and of her responsibilities to call two parents, while I have a vague recollection of having heard about it at some indeterminate point in the past. Can you guess what happened? Of course! Natasha was at her badminton practice when I got the call from a parent, informing me that the group had reached their destination in Switzerland without any problems and was already settling in. I gave my thanks and hung up…

Oops! When I mentioned it to Natasha, it was already quite late at night. She gave me a proper scolding, but decided against calling strangers at that hour, even with the agreeable news about their daughter… Thankfully, both of the families dependent on us are leaves, which means that my incompetence affected only two sets of parents. Natasha called them first thing in the morning and did not neglect to blame me for the delay.

Kimmy suddenly has the run of the house, including unfettered access to the PC that nominally belongs to Becky. But she already voiced her I miss Becky sentiment, just as he daily voiced similar sentiments towards Mommy a week ago.

In other news, getting back to homemade dinners cannot be underestimated. Now that Natasha caught up with all the household chores that I had neglected to attend to in her absence, I am certainly enjoying again not having to subsist on take-outs and finger food. Such are the pleasures of married life…