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Looking for blog changes

There are many indications that I suck at blogging. Among the most obvious are:

  • The inordinate amount of time that it takes me to compose a worthwhile post (I first alluded to this problem all the way back in my very first – dare I say inaugural? – entry),
  • My own overwhelming doubts every time that the just composed post is, in fact, worthwhile,

and last but not least,

  • The number of regular visitors to my site (trust me, I check my stats daily – there is not enough of you who read me regularly to form a minyan; although I certainly appreciate the few of you who I know frequently do come).

Then again, maybe it is the nature of my blogging angle that holds me back. Honestly, how many times can you suffer hearing about traffic problems in London?

That last thought easily outweighs in my mind the near-certain possibility of a simple lack of talent on my part. And I suddenly feel invigorated to do something about it :crazy:

No, that does not mean that I will stop chronicling our adventures or addressing various expat topics. That will certainly continue. But what I will start doing is making more regular attempts at diversifying, such as writing movie reviews, discussing hot topics, etc. In other words, stepping away from my expat-family-oriented narrative more often.

There may even be some visual changes to the site. (Check out the book and movie widgets on the right-hand bar, by the way.)

Or, who knows, my excitement may fizzle out tomorrow…

Anyone who is concerned that our “adventures” will be less prominent if I stay the new course, think of it this way: In the not so distant future, I will no longer be an expatriate; the transition starts now!


  1. Jason Bennion

    Ilya, for what it’s worth, I struggle with the same insecurities about my blogging all the time. I think the best solution is to just soldier on, write about the things YOU want to write about and in YOUR voice, do it for yourself rather than any (real or imagined) audience, and just hope for the best, i.e., that readers will come. I don’t know if that’s helpful to you at all, but give it some thought…

  2. Jason Bennion

    Oh, as far as how long it takes to compose a decent entry, I hear you, pal… wish I had a solution to that one. One of those Time-Turner gadgets from Harry Potter would be useful…

  3. Ilya

    Jason, part of the truth is that I feel that I am occasionally losing interest myself. So it could be – I am getting wa-a-ay too self-analytical here – that I feel the need to “diversify” just to convince myself to keep soldiering on… I guess we shall see what’s going to come out of it. Thanks for the encouragement! Glad to hear that I am not alone 🙂

  4. Ilya

    … and in the last day or so, I had two conversations with strangers that prove that, yes, someone somewhere is benefitting… I guess I am now looking to also amuse people 🙂

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