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Twelve months, one sentence at a time

A meme that I picked up via my favorite bloggers Brian Greenberg and Jason Bennion asks the author to re-post the first sentence of the first blog entry in each of the previous year’s 12 months.

Similar to Brian’s and Jason’s compilations, mine ended up somewhere between esoteric and nonsensical. The fact that my blog tries to adhere to a basic theme actually worked a bit in my favor here, as a common thread was clearly visible throughout the spring (if only I added “from Switzerland” to the first sentence in January, it would even be more noticeable). And even though the entire collection justifiably looks like a bunch of random thoughts, I read it and can clearly see family- and event-oriented narrative.

See for yourself.

January: “Well, we’re back!”

February: “I am changing my football allegiance.”

March: “Well, it was bound to happen and it finally did happen.”

April: “I will only manage to get in a single blog entry in between two vacation trips, so I better write as much about the first one as possible before going onto the second one.”

May: “The latest disruption in my posts was caused by a long-weekend excursion to Paris, which was immediately preceded by another round of problems with the website, which hopefully have now been resolved once and for all (but claimed as their victim the recent Tuscany gallery album, which I am yet to restore).”

June: “We are back from our trip to Amsterdam, and I am happy to report that it was another resounding success.”

July: “The American School in Central London costs around £20K per child per year.”

August: “My British colleagues are happily exclaiming that the summer is finally here.”

September: “A cousin of mine plays clarinet with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.”

October: “Another day, another momentous anniversary to celebrate!”

November: “Apparently, my Halloween lamentations notwithstanding, there is some fun on the occasion that can still be found in England.”

December: “By popular demand, here are two more numbers from Becky’s performance with her choir.”

Is this year really almost over?