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Supplies are not forever

We knew before we moved to England that some common household items were considerably more expensive here than in the US, while others may simply be non-existent. It made perfect sense to stick large quantities of some necessary stuff into the shipping containers.

Relocating young mothers are routinely advised to ship large supplies of diapers, which are considerably more expensive in England. With our kids being tad bit too old for diapers, we settled on stuff such as toothpaste and other toiletries.

And what do you know? It took just a bit over a year, but we are close to exhausting our supplies of toothpaste. Listerine is long gone and has been replaced by locally acquired variety (at almost three times the cost at current FX exchange rates). There are only a couple of razor cartridges left…

Guess we should’ve brought double quantities of all that.

But the box of Splenda from Costco is still going strong. It is probably only half-empty, which means that it is likely to last a whole another year.

Was that a great acquisition or what?

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