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Becky dances to YMCA

It took me several days to figure out a good way to post locally stored streaming videos on my website. Trust me, every blogging software puts limitations on what you can transparently do, and what appears to be a simple task with embedding YouTube video becomes a lot less simple when you want to refrain from going to other sites for the components of the embedded object. And then, with .flv format, various containers behave in a different way, not necessarily the way you’d like them to. But I must be boring you.

In any case, I arrived at a reasonable solution (further tinkering expected), and now feel empowered to start posting various video clips from our on-going recordings.

I do lack ready material at the moment though (other songs from Becky’s choir performance will be posted later this week). So, for the next number, at Becky’s request, I am posting the video that she and her friend made on their recent trip to the movies a couple of weeks ago. As it goes with such videos, the quality is on the lowish side…